Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation.


  • Pink Berry


    Flavour Profile : Sweet, Grape, Flowery

    Aroma Profile : Fruity, Sweet

    Effect Profile : Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

  • Pink Kush


    Aroma profile: sweet vanilla, woody, earthy

    Flavour profile: sweet, floral, earthy

    Effect profile: euphoric, happy, relaxed, calming 

  • Pink Rockstar


    Pink Rockstar is a cross between two well known strains; Rockstar and Pink Kush, it has bright green buds covered in pink hairs, although they are hard to see through the thick layer of trichomes.

  • Purple Candy Kush


    Aroma profile: strong and sweet, berry

    Flavour profile: kush, tropical, fruity

    Effect profile: stress relieving, hungry, happy

  • Purple God

    CA$70.00 CA$90.00

    Purple God is a strong Indica hybrid that is a cross between 3 strains; God bud, Hawaiian, and Purple Skunk. Recommended for people who are looking to treat pain and anxiety caused by stress.

  • Rockstar


    Renowned for its excellent medical qualities , this heavy indica hybrid of Rockstar and Bubba Kush emits a heavy odor of skunk and piney Kush.

  • Tuna Rockstar


    Meet the perfect family! Legendary strain BC Tuna met and fell in love with ever-popular Rockstar, and created Tuna Rockstar - an absolute punch-packing fireball

  • Violator Kush


    Flavour Profile : Spice, Herbal, Earthy, Woody

    Scent Profile : Spicy, Herbal

  • Darth Vader


    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... A stoner embarked on an epic mission to discover the best toke... His travels took him to the far corners of the galaxy the Jedi Temple on the dunes of Tattoine... All searching for the elusive dark side of the force, for a kush so powerful that a single toke could destroy worlds... It's said that he found this epic strain... But it wasn't on a planet far far away, it was right here on GD.... Ladies and gentlmen if you're into getting force choked, if couch locking up rebel scum is for you.... Then look no further.... Now who's your father? ..... Combine with Death Star to destroy Alderaan.

  • Death Bubba(Organic)


    Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid (70/30) strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush.

  • Fucking Incredible


     The buzz is described as a warm feeling that slowly spreads leaving you numb and relaxed, accompanied by feelings of ease and mind and body pain relief.

  • God Bud


    Created from straight sativa Hawaiin and Purple Skunk, God Bud is a well balanced hybrid.

  • God's Green Crack


    Dark, dank and heavily odorous, this extreme strain will knock you straight out of the park before you even know what hit you! 

  • Gorilla Glue No.4


    Flavour Profile : Earthy, Pine, Pungeant Aroma Profile : Pine, Spice, Sweet 

  • Grand Daddy Purple


    This rare strain is as potent as it is beautiful! Gorgeous
    purple nugs surprise you as you break apart this aromatic flower. sweet and floral notes are
    strong, and the smoke is thick and sweet. A cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, you will
    no doubt feel the psychoactive effects of this heavy indica variety in both mind and body!