Hybrid strains combine the effects of both Indicas and Sativas.


  • Pink Berry


    Flavour Profile: Sweet, Grape, Flowery.

    Aroma Profile: Fruity, Sweet.

    Effect Profile: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed.

    THC Content: 16%

  • Purple God

    CA$70.00 CA$90.00

    Purple God is a strong Indica hybrid that is a cross between 3 strains: God bud, Hawaiian, and Purple Skunk. 

    THC Content: 23%

  • Sugar Shack


    This indica dominant cross is delicious in taste, smell and effect! Sugar Shack is great for nighttime or evening use, and this strain provides users with a mild head and body-heavy sensation. Great for people with anxiety as it's a lighter strain. If you’re looking to increase appetite, Sugar Shack is also a great strain to try. Like its name suggests, this strain features a slightly sweet taste and scent that verges on piney and herbal. With bright green flowers and whispers of red furs peaking out from it’s large, fluffy leaves, this beautiful bud will have you reaching for more – once you are able to do so, that is!

    THC Content: 19%

  • Violator Kush


    Flavour Profile : Spice, Herbal, Earthy, Woody.

    Scent Profile : Spicy, Herbal.

    THC Content: 23%

  • Mataro Blue

    CA$65.00 CA$75.00

    Flavour Profile: Herbal, Spice, Berry, Fruity.

    Aroma Profile: Fruity, Citrus, Berry, Sweet.

    Effect Profile: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Hungry

    THC Content: 27%

  • Og Shark


    Aroma Profile: Blueberry, Earthy.

    Flavour Profile: Sweet, Floral.

    Effect Profile: Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy.

    THC Content: 23%  

  • Blue Amnesia


    Effects Profile: Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting, Euphoric.

    Aroma Profile: Berry, Earthy, Spicy.

    THC Content: 24%

  • Ice Cream


    Melt away with a bowl of this Indica dominant Hybrid! 

    THC Content: 19%

  • 24k Gold


    24k Gold is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is a combination of the legendary LA strain Kosher Kush and a champion sativa Tangie to create something truly unique and glamorous. 

    THC Content: 24%

  • Cherry Pie


    Effect Profile: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Hungry.

    Flavour Profile: Sweet, Berry, Earthy.

    THC Content: 20%

  • Gorilla Critical


    Flavour Profile: Candy, Sweet, Fruity.

    Effect Profile: Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed.

    THC Content: 25-28%

  • Alien OG


    Effect Profile: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Creative

    Flavour Profile: Earthy, Lemon, Pine

    THC Content: 28-32% 

  • Pineapple Express


    This highly popularized strain is the potent love child of Hawaiian and Trainwreck, and combines the best of sativa influences and indica effects. 

    THC Content: 25%

  • Platinum Girlscout...


     Just when you thought it couldn’t get better – we bring you Platinum Girl Scout Cookies! This gorgeous bud offers a fantastically complex and flavourful smoke, followed by strong and overwhelming sense of euphoria. 

    THC Count: 25%

  • Sherbert


    This is an indica-leaning hybrid and an heir to the Girlscout Cookies. Girlscout Cookies parents include OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison. Sherbert exhibits powerful full-body effects with a jolt of cerebral energy. The flavour aroma is that of skunky citrus, sweet berry and tropical. Stress, tension and sour moods melt away and are replaced with carefree mindset and physical relaxation. 

    THC Content: 14-19%